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New Safety Measures For Events & Sampling Programs 4 years ago

As we await the day we can return to live events, CEA is focusing on the integration of new safety measures for our events and sampling programs. The safety of others and of our brand ambassadors are CEA’s biggest priority and so we are using this time to prepare for a safe and hygienic return.

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Micro & Nano Influencers 4 years ago

As these uncertain times continue, CEA continues to work hard for our brands and to ensure the safety of our CEA family. We recently launched our brand ambassador influencer program which you can learn more about here. With this program, brands have access to our network of micro and nano brand influencers, our BAI’S.

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Let's Rethink Our Norm To Find Our New Norm 4 years ago

XQ, one of our longtime clients, has been challenging society to rethink our education system for years now. Since their launch in 2015, they have been working to transform our education system into one that meets the needs of all of our youth. XQ’s Super Schools offer free tools and materials that can be used by communities who want to change their schools. They are continuously pushing for a more creative and innovative education system that will aid in the success of all students.

Today, the way we live our lives is being challenged. We are no longer able to execute our regular routines and life is far from the normal we once knew. It is time that we get creative and innovative with our most basic activities. Whether this means setting up a workspace at home or planning a Zoom party to see friends, we have to do whatever it takes to create a new routine. Life continues even with all of this uncertainty, and if we all play our part, we will be back to our new normal soon. 

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Promote Your Brand On Social Media Using Our Influencer Network! 4 years ago

As you’re well aware, their have been endless changes in the world due to Covid 19 and it continues to create so much uncertainty in every aspect of our lives. But one thing we are certain of is the importance of  keeping everyone healthy. In response to the extraordinary challenges of Covid 19, we’ve had to figure out a new way for our brands to continue to promote their products as well as continue to provide work to our family of CEA brand ambassadors across the nation.

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CEA Spotlight On Ferlyssa From Chicago, IL! 4 years ago

The CEA Spotlight is on Ferlyssa from Chicago, IL. A brand ambassador who is always on time and extremely reliable. We know that when she is working one of our events or promotions, our clients are in good hands and will be pleased with her performance!! Learn more about her below.

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Happy Valentine's Day! 4 years ago

Happy Valentine’s day to all!! Whether you’re pro, anti, or indifferent about V-Day, here are some Valentine’s day cards we found on the good old internet that will at least make you laugh. Enjoy!!!

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CEA Spotlight On Ania From Chicago, IL! 4 years ago

The CEA Spotlight is on Ania from Chicago, IL. This amazing brand ambassador comes to us from the windy city but loves to travel for work as well. Her experience in the events and promotions industry is endless!! Learn more below.


Clients know that the best stories never follow a run-of-the-mill plot line. My story has run a multi-directional course involving a variety of eclectic work experiences in several creative industries.

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CEA Spotlight on Ashley From Claremont, CA! 4 years ago

The CEA Spotlight is on Ashley from Claremont, CA. This awesome lady is a “stand out” brand ambassador according to our clients. And we know personally that she goes above and beyond to ensure she is ready for each and every event she executes! Learn more below.

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