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CEA Staffing How to be the best brand ambassador you can be
With events at a standstill and the launch of our Brand Ambassador Influencer program, now is the perfect time for a refresher on how to be the best brand ambassador you can be. Here are some tips for our BA’s.
  • Know your Brand: As a brand ambassador, you MUST know who it is you are representing. You need to be able to give the public all of the right information. To do so, you really need to have a strong understanding of who your brand is, what they do, and what they represent. You need to go over all of the training materials provided by the brand as well as go the extra mile and do some research of your own. Find ways to relate to it, try it, quiz yourself, and be sure to ask questions. It’s ok to have questions and this just ensures you are always providing correct information.


  • Be Professional: You are the face of the brand you are representing. You may even be the first impression someone has of a brand. It’s important that you act in a professional manner at all times. That means you should always smile when interacting with people, engage with them in a kind manner, ask them how their day is going, be a good listener, and always thank them for their time.


  • Connect: Try to make a connection with everyone who walks by. Give people a friendly wave and smile and invite them over to learn more. Engage in meaningful conversations and highlight the best parts of the brand so that they walk away more knowledgeable and having had a great experience with you. Reach out to the people that look hesitant to stop by saying something like, “Hi there! I’d love to share what I’m doing here today, check this out!” Don’t be shy!


  • Be a Team Player: Work with your fellow brand ambassadors to provide the best experience possible. After all, you are all representing the same brand and are there for the same purpose. Act as a community that wants to invite others into your community. Be there for each other and encourage one another! Give off great energy so your team can feed off of it and do the same.


  • Be Yourself: This is arguably the most important point. Authenticity is appreciated. Both you and your brand will have a better experience if you are being 100% you. Show people your personality, make them laugh, make them smile, and make them remember you!


To our brand ambassadors, keep your heads up. You will be back to doing your thing soon. We hope these tips were helpful. We miss you, and we cannot wait until we can see all of you again! And don’t worry, we have more tips and tricks coming!
Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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