Plug into our network of powerful Micro & Nano Brand Ambassador Influencers (We’re calling them BAI’S) with REAL and engaged followers!

  • Increase sales
  • Boost brand awareness
  • New customer acquisition
  • Integrate affiliate programs
  • Sample and review products
  • Grow page likes & engagement
  • Create hyper local influencer campaigns
  • Promote your events locally & nationally
  • Develop unique campaigns specifically tailored to your brands objectives

We’re working with our BAI’S across the country to create engaging, strategically focused, and measurable creative campaigns to service your brands marketing objectives. Let’s work together to produce fresh and shareable content that will create buzz and business. 

Why Brand Ambassadors Are The Best Influencers

Doesn’t it make sense that the best people to represent your brand are those individuals whose daily work life is centered around creating engaging and memorable experiences for the brands they represent? We want to utilize our Brand Ambassadors influence both on and off the field by leveraging their organic presence on social media platforms, to create impactful campaigns that produce results. Micro and nano influencers are the future, and our Brand Ambassador Influencers are here to share their community of family and friends to spread the word about your brand!

Brand Ambassador Brand Influencer
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Measure The Success Of Your Campaign

  • Establish campaign reach via followers, video views, post/stories impressions & reach
  • Measure campaign engagement via clicks, likes, reactions, saves, taps forwards
  • Understand audience engagement by viewing demographic data from Facebook and Youtube videos
  • Track organic and paid data from your influencer activities and gain a true understanding of ROI across major social networks

Live Data Collection & Analytics

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We can create effective and AFFORDABLE campaigns.






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