Coors Light & Tide Activation 1 year ago

When two huge brands get together and create an amazingly creative activation… bravo @coorslight and @tidelaundry. Our brand ambassadors had so much fun working these events across the states. They made everyone’s day by helping them out with their chores and getting their laundry cleaned!! Where can we send ours?? We’ve got piles! 

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Front Of House Staffing 1 year ago

When planning a trade show, you know how vital it is to secure an exceptional front of house team. They assist with things like registration, customer service, directional, and so much more. These individual need to be friendly and engaging as well as be able to think quickly on their feet. After all, they are the first impression of your show!

Let CEA Staffing build a team that will ensure your attendees experience is 5 stars all around!

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