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As we await the day we can return to live events, CEA is focusing on the integration of new safety measures for our events and sampling programs. The safety of others and our brand ambassadors are CEA’s biggest priority and so we are using this time to prepare for a safe and hygienic return. 

And while we don’t see the return of large events and activations in the immediate future we do believe that sampling events, if executed with all precautions necessary, will be the first types of promotional events to make a comeback. With that said, CEA will be taking various measures to ensure our events are executed with the highest level of hygienic solutions and implement these solutions into our new norm of required event safety protocol. Here are just some of the policies that will be enforced. 

Sanitation stations: Sanitation products will be required at all live events. Hand sanitizer will be available at every sampling table and available throughout activation footprints. 

Glove requirement: Our BA’s will be required to wear gloves at all times and these gloves will be discarded and replaced consistently throughout the event.

Sample contamination prevention: All samples must be covered at all times to avoid contamination. Whether this is a food product or any other type of consumer product, all items must be properly covered and protected. Also, all packaging must be wiped down before they are distributed.

Sanitation of data collection devices: All data collection devices will be wiped down after every use. Disinfectant wipes will also be available at all sampling tables or activation areas.

6 feet apart markers: Crowding at sampling tables will be avoided with the placement of removable floor markers, placed 6 feet apart, indicating were individuals may stand when waiting for or receiving a sample. 

Hand washing throughout shifts: Brand ambassadors will be required to break throughout their shift to wash their hands.

Masks wearing during events: Any brand ambassadors executing events will be required to wear masks throughout the event.

CEA Safety Policies: All CEA staff will be provided with CEA Safety Policy materials and trained to properly enforce them. 

Lastly, we have come up with additional creative event safety measures that we will discuss with our client before the execution of every event. We are excited to share these ideas with you and feel confident that these additional measures will create a safe and hygienic event environment.

 We cannot wait to get back to it! Stay healthy and positive friends!

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