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As these uncertain times continue, CEA continues to work hard for our brands and to ensure the safety of our CEA family. We recently launched our brand ambassador influencer program which you can learn more about here. With this program, brands have access to our network of micro and nano brand influencers, our BAI’S.

Micro or nano influencers are influencers who have a smaller following. Their followers mainly consist of family and friends. This smaller and more trusted network of followers gives influencers a more genuine connection to their audience. They have an audience that trusts and believe in the content that is being shared and promoted.

Additionally, micro or nano influencers have higher engagement rates because they have the ability to easily interact with the majority of their following. The audience is more targeted, so the influencer is aware of who exactly it is they are engaging with and how to successfully make those connections.

Our BAI’S allow our brands to engage with their network of followers. We can help you interact with the right audience and create more visible and trusted content and campaigns.

Let CEA and our BAI’S help you through these difficult times. Together, we can work to build a strong and trusted following for your brand. Stay healthy and safe!




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