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Influencer Program

As you’re well aware, their have been endless changes in the world due to Covid 19 and it continues to create so much uncertainty in every aspect of our lives. But one thing we are certain of is the importance of  keeping everyone healthy. In response to the extraordinary challenges of Covid 19, we’ve had to figure out a new way for our brands to continue to promote their products as well as continue to provide work to our family of CEA brand ambassadors across the nation.

With that said, we are so excited to announce a new initiative with the launch of our brand ambassador influencer program which allows our brands to plug into our brand ambassadors social media network. It’s a win win. Our brands continue to reach marketing objectives and our CEA fam can continue to work from the safety of their homes.

This new program allows our brands to access our micro & nano brand ambassador influencers, we’re calling them our BAI’S, network of engaged family and friends who trust their opinions. Let us help you produce creative campaigns filled with engaging content that can be shared and measured on multiple social media platforms.

Check out our website for more info on our BAI program, just CLICK HERE.

And for even more info and pricing, please fill out the form below.

Stay healthy and safe!



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