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Victoria's Secret Nationwide Gift Wrapping Program 2 weeks ago

We were so excited to receive a call from a long time client requesting experienced brand ambassadors who could also wrap gifts for a nationwide Victoria Secret program this past weekend. CEA executed these events in 10 different stores across the states and provided 30 brand ambassadors to greet guests and offer complimentary gift wrapping to Victoria Secret customers.

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Did you know CEA provides servers for events? 3 weeks ago

For years now CEA staffing has provided servers for events. But they are not your typical servers who pass out finger foods and drinks. They are experienced brand ambassadors who can not only serve your guests food and beverages, but also serve them with information on your company. What does that mean? Let’s say you have a big launch party for a new product release and you are considering hiring both servers and brand ambassadors. Don’t do that! Our team provides you with servers and brand ambassadors in one.

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