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That’s right! 100% of our staff are w2 workers. We have been on board with the changes and are 100% compliant. Insurance, workmans comp, onboarding, etc. We’ve got it all covered. What’s AB5 you ask? Well, nothing our clients have to worry about, but basically in a nutshell it has to do with California saying goodbye to classifying gig workers (brand ambassadors) as independent contractors. And when California leads, the rest will follow.

Will the quality of the staff change you ask? No way! We’ve received little to no pushback regarding the changes. We also switched over to weekly pay which made the transition way more attractive for our staff. Win, win!

But here’s one thing you should know and take seriously. Continuing to work with agencies that continue to classify their workers as independent contractors is not a good idea. This is because if there is ever a case of misclassification within an agency the government can technically also come after the client as well. They call it co-employment in an audit and as a co-employer both the agency and their client would be considered liable for any fines and fees. No one wants that and you as the client should never have to worry.

But all of those reasons are exactly why you want to work with a staffing agency that is classifying their workers correctly. So you don’t have to worry about compliance, and payroll, and breaks, and taxes, and the never ending logistics of managing a team of 2 to 100. Working with staffing agencies takes all that not so fun stuff off your plate and allows you to focus on your events.

With all of that said, with every change there are positives and negatives. At CEA Staffing we work hard to make it so that you don’t feel any of those change on your end and we continue to provide the type of exceptional service and staff that make your events that much better.

Have more questions about w2 workers? Reach out. We’ve got answers. Talk soon!




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