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Brand Ambassadors Work Unique Campaigns 1 day ago

That one time we hired 35+ brand ambassadors to walk the streets of NYC to promote this unique campaign created for Duolingo. We love how our teams are ready and willing to do whatever is needed to make an event successful! Thanks NYC 🗽 for another great event!

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Pharrell Williams Mighty Dream Forum! 2 weeks ago

This was most definitely a favorite event and the ultimate dream team! The @mightydream.co brought together one of the best teams we’ve ever worked with filled with amazing entrepreneurs, artists, and all around rock star individuals. We could not have done it without each and every one of you! Thank you for shining ✨ so incredibly brightly at this event and making it so unforgettable!!!!! Continue leading with LOVE ❤️ MIGHTY DREAMS TEAM!!!!

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Brand Ambassadors At LIV GOLF MIAMI! 3 weeks ago

It’s been an incredibly busy start to the month but we definitely want to share some pics of our LIV Golf event in beautiful, warm, and sunny Miami, FL 🌞. Thanks to the teams that managed all of the activation areas in the weather! Send some of that heat to Chicago please!! 🙂

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Coors Light & Tide Activation 1 month ago

When two huge brands get together and create an amazingly creative activation… bravo @coorslight and @tidelaundry. Our brand ambassadors had so much fun working these events across the states. They made everyone’s day by helping them out with their chores and getting their laundry cleaned!! Where can we send ours?? We’ve got piles! 

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Front Of House Staffing 2 months ago

When planning a trade show, you know how vital it is to secure an exceptional front of house team. They assist with things like registration, customer service, directional, and so much more. These individual need to be friendly and engaging as well as be able to think quickly on their feet. After all, they are the first impression of your show!

Let CEA Staffing build a team that will ensure your attendees experience is 5 stars all around!

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Latino Business Conference Trade Show Reps 2 months ago

Does anyone actually know the target dogs name?? It’s Bullseye ! And our team had a great time representing Target at this years Latino Business Conference in sunny San Diego! Trade shows and conferences are where it all started for CEA. Our trade show reps love a great show too. Lead generation and crowd gathering is our forte! 

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