Why summer is the best time for experiential marketing programs 6 months ago

CEA Staffing brand ambassadors representing Cantu at Black Womens Expo in Chicago.

The summer time is the perfect time of year for large gatherings and parties! Whether its a business hosting a private party to celebrate shareholders or a large music festival with thousands of attendees, These vibrant gatherings aren’t just about good times; they’re a golden opportunity for brands to weave unforgettable experiences that truly stick. CEA Staffing has been lucky enough to represent countless brands at a variety of summer events this year! From Head in the Clouds, Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, Liv Golf Championships, and even outdoor cocktail and garden parties! 

Summer activations could be as simple as a booth handing out samples or merchandise or larger such as photogenic spaces that fully emerse attendees, and look great on Instagram!  People love sharing their festival stories online, which means your brand’s unique experience gets an extended spotlight. Experiential marketing is a great and unique way to get a brand and product out to the public in a memorable fashion. 

But that’s not all – festivals and summer events all attract a diverse crowd, all joined by a common interest. Brands can supercharge this connection by aligning their activations with the festival’s theme. Suddenly, it’s not just about products; it’s about shared values, creating a sense of belonging that festival-goers won’t forget! CEA Staffing had a great partnership with Cantu at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago! Our team helped to promote their Shea Butter and had a great time! Our team got to run a photo booth, hand out samples, and wore some fashionable merch that perfectly matched the setting!

At CEA Staffing, we continue to learn and grow with every activation or event that we host. Which has led us to become one of the leading staffing agencies nationwide! To learn more about our various services or contact us, check out our website. Also visit our social media HERE!

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