How to make Experiential Marketing Hassle Free! 7 months ago

CEA Staffing brand ambassadors at Ally 400 in Nashville!

In our digital age, it is incredibly easy for brands big and small to create a social media page and utilize it to market their products or services! Digital marketing is easy, cost-effective, and doesn’t require much time or effort. However, consumers are constantly swarmed with advertisements and many people claim to be desensitized and simply ignore ads compared to years prior. Experiential marketing offers a different and effective approach to capturing the attention of consumers in a fun and engaging way! Whether it is through the use of street teams, promotional models, sampling events, or activations at a trade show. CEA Staffing is here to ensure that your experiential marketing campaign runs effectively and boosts business!

Sure, experiential marketing demands more resources, time, and meticulous planning, but the returns are immeasurable. It offers a chance to stand out from the crowd and leave a profound impact that lasts for years. It’s about touching lives, making memories, and nurturing an emotional bond that withstands the test of time. CEA Staffing is here to take the majority of the demanding process of experiential marketing into our hands! Our dedicated team helps to gather your staff, communicate with them about the procedures and expectations of the brand, ensure all gear, merchandise, or sampling materials get to brand ambassadors, and we also promise that the setup and tear down of events run smoothly! 

CEA Staffing works hard to provide the best brand ambassadors for each event. To accomplish this, we post a job on our various job boards and have potential workers complete a questionnaire to let us know why they are passionate about working at this specific event. We look at the various applications and send them to the client so we can all choose the workers that best represent the brand! We provide group chats so all brand ambassadors and clients have easy access to communicate with a CEA Staffing representative and the brand ambassadors! This ensures that any unprecedented issues can be solved ASAP!

Recently, our Nashville brand ambassadors represented Busch Lite at the Ally 400 race! Our brand ambassadors handed out samples outside of the stadium took photos of attendees with the Busch racecar, and allowed them to take a spin of a wheel for prizes! This two-day event brought hundreds to the booth and everyone had a great time!

At CEA Staffing, we continue to learn and grow with every activation or event that we host. Which has led us to become one of the leading staffing agencies nationwide! To learn more about our various services or contact us, check out our website. Also visit our social media HERE!

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