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Victoria's Secret Nationwide Gift Wrapping Program 4 years ago

We were so excited to receive a call from a long time client requesting experienced brand ambassadors who could also wrap gifts for a nationwide Victoria Secret program this past weekend. CEA executed these events in 10 different stores across the states and provided 30 brand ambassadors to greet guests and offer complimentary gift wrapping to Victoria Secret customers.

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Did you know CEA provides servers for events? 4 years ago

For years now CEA staffing has provided servers for events. But they are not your typical servers who pass out finger foods and drinks. They are experienced brand ambassadors who can not only serve your guests food and beverages, but also serve them with information on your company. What does that mean? Let’s say you have a big launch party for a new product release and you are considering hiring both servers and brand ambassadors. Don’t do that! Our team provides you with servers and brand ambassadors in one.

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Contact CEA Staffing For Your Last Minute Staffing Needs! 4 years ago

We get it. Last minute requests in this industry happen often. You get a call from your team who wants to set up an activation within the next few days. Sometimes even 24hrs! Throw in a multi city program with footprints and staffing needs and you might find yourself in a pickle. That’s when CEA Staffing comes to the rescue.

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Reach More Consumers This Holiday Season! 4 years ago

It’s that time of year again. Time to get your product into the hands of your consumers in time for the holidays! This is a great time to kick start or really gear up holiday programs and campaigns. Whether your focus is sampling events, trade shows, pop-up events, activations, or any other type of experiential event CEA Staffing is here for you!

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Happy Halloween From CEA Staffing!! 4 years ago

We just wanted to wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween!! Remember to celebrate responsibly!

Here’s a few of our favorite brand ambassador costumes and uniforms from this year! One of the fun things about being a brand ambassador is that with many events, there may be a fun uniform or costume to wear. One day you may be dressed up as a flower, the next a flight attendant.

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Anmol from Niagara Falls! 4 years ago

Hello again! Here we have Anmol, one of our many amazing brand ambassadors from Niagara Falls NY!

Anmol is a very passionate brand ambassador. She has worked many fun events that taught her a lot and gave her great experience!! Not only is Anmol always ready to learn but she has plenty of brand ambassador knowledge she is willing to share with others as well. is  She has worked with different types of people in many different environments and has had thousands of customer interactions. (You could say she is a pro) Anmol is a a self-starter and always maintains a positive attitude in all situations. High stress situation with a million different things going on? No problem for Anmol!

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The Marketing industry 4 years ago

Hello friends! Let’s talk about trends in the marketing industry. Marketing is one of those career paths that involve constantly changing trends, technologies, and techniques. If you are a brand ambassador, you are in this industry, so KEEP READING! Chances are if you’re not a brand ambassador, this information can still be very helpful to you whether it be applicable to your career or you are building a business. If you are building a business, you are building your BRAND! This blog will go over trends in marketing you should be aware of, websites you will want to browse, and softwares you should AT LEAST have basic understanding of to have a successful brand.

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Miami Brand Ambassador! 4 years ago

Our Miami based brand ambassador, Natalie, is CRAZY talented! She has over 13 years of experience in experiential marketing! She has worked nationally and internationally with top brands which has provided her with a great knowledge platform. Not only does she have the experience of working in the U.S. but she has experience working in another country and culture! Not many brand ambassadors can say that.

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Hurricane Dorian: You Are in Our Thoughts 4 years ago

We wanted to take a moment to recognize the destructive hurricane coming for our coastlines of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Hurricane Dorian left some of the largest Bahamas Islands in ruins. We are thinking of our island neighbors in the Bahamas as they begin to recover from the damage. 

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