Did you know CEA provides servers for events? 4 years ago

Brand Ambassadors servers

For years now CEA staffing has provided servers for events. But they are not your typical servers who pass out finger foods and drinks. They are experienced brand ambassadors who can not only serve your guests food and beverages, but also serve them with information on your company. What does that mean? Let’s say you have a big launch party for a new product release and you are considering hiring both servers and brand ambassadors. Don’t do that! Our team provides you with servers and brand ambassadors in one. CEA’s team of experienced nationwide brand ambassadors are able to retain any information you provide to them and deliver it to your guest on a silver platter. With a side meatball sliders! Provide them with talking points, key selling points, information on new flavors, and whatever other info you want your guests to leave with. Make sure that when they step out of your event that they have been educated on your business and want to learn more!

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