No Cancellations on Confirmations! 4 years ago

Hello brand ambassadors! We need to have a little chat. We promise you are not in trouble. Actually, this talk will HELP YOU in the long run and make you a better brand ambassador!

So you have an event you’re working with us this weekend? Wonderful! We cannot wait to see what you can do!

Oh, you’re not sure you can make it anymore? Well did you already confirm that you are working that event?

You did confirm? Hmm, you should definitely work that event then. You can always see Jonas Brothers in concert another time!

See, when you confirm to work an event, we believe that you ARE going to work that event. We hold that spot for you. If there’s any hesitation that you may not be available for any and all reasons, we urge you to not confirm to work the event..

Not only does it make us hesitant to hire you again, we can look bad to our clients. Also, last minute cancellations are costly and time consuming. Time is money! It really does cost us money when we have brand ambassadors who cancel on us last minute. We have to hurry to find a replacement for you, retrain someone else, get them onboarded, and the list goes on. You were picked special for this event because we like you and believe YOU were a perfect fit! However, we also really appreciate our staff who DO NOT cancel.

Of course life happens and sometimes you just absolutely have no control over having to cancel working an event. We understand! However, just because your best friends sisters boyfriends dog is sick, that is not exactly a good reason to cancel an event you confirmed you would work! Yes, we’ve heard this! But in all seriousness when life does happen just make sure to give us enough time find a replacement, or, be able to provide someone equally as qualified to replace you. That actually makes you look really great and professional as well.

So next time before you confirm to work an event, check your calendar. Maybe even text all your family and friends and make sure there is absolutely nothing planned for you that day! Or just tell Joe, Nick, and Kevin that you have be a reliable brand ambassador and you’ll see them at their next concert tour!!! We’d appreciate it!

Thanks for listening brand ambassadors! Now go apply to some events!!!




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