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Hello friends! Let’s talk about trends in the marketing industry. Marketing is one of those career paths that involve constantly changing trends, technologies, and techniques. If you are a brand ambassador, you are in this industry, so KEEP READING! Chances are if you’re not a brand ambassador, this information can still be very helpful to you whether it be applicable to your career or you are building a business. If you are building a business, you are building your BRAND! This blog will go over trends in marketing you should be aware of, websites you will want to browse, and softwares you should AT LEAST have basic understanding of to have a successful brand.

Note: Even if you don’t know these softwares yet, do not fret! They can be learned! Besides, everyone starts somewhere!

Now let’s begin with some websites that may help you get information on latest trends and are a portal into growing a business.

Hootsuite is a great website that holds webinars, emails their subscribers new trends in marketing consistently, and has very useful information for marketers. Hootsuite is especially helpful providing social media trends! You can learn A LOT from their webinars and apply them to your growing business! Just an FYI, they offer a free 30-day trial to test their resources out! If for whatever reason you don’t find the information helpful, you may cancel your membership at any time.

AdWeek has a brand marketing section on their website which offers info on marketing events, webinars, as well as latest news in the marketing industry. A few of their webinar topics coming up are “Use In-Store Behavior to Boost Digital Marketing”, “The Importance of Marketing Data Quality”, “Small Data is the Key to Transforming Experience”. If you live near the Palm Springs, CA area or don’t mind traveling, Brandweek is coming up on November 3rd-6th. This event is hosted by leaders of huge brands such as Chipotle, Samuel Adams, Target, Hilton, Sephora, airbnb, Nascar, Samsung, and much much more!!! Brandweek is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity. If you’re not able to make it to Brandweek, there is still tons of information you can get from Adweeks webinars and website to help build your brand! is an Adobe website that provides essential information to marketers. Here is a link to check out for all you brand ambassadors: They have a ton of insights on customer experience, future of work, emerging technology, and trends.

Event Marketer is a must for brand ambassadors!!! Check out new pop-ups from around the country and new technology brands are using for activations. Plus get the latest dish on business to business events and business to consumer events. Read about out-of-this-world activations and get inspiration for working your next event!

Here is a list of other websites to check out!

  • Forbes
  • The Drum
  • Marketing Week
  • Huffington Post
  • Campaign
  • Experiential Marketing News
  • Event Industry News

We recommend checking out these websites regularly to be aware of all the new trends in the marketing world and to learn how you can grow your brand.

Softwares that marketers should be aware of range from simple and obvious to more challenging and perhaps surprising. Let’s start with the basics.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are you friends! They are used daily by millions of people. This means your brand can be noticed by millions of people. Some brands have created a huge influence on at least one of these social media platforms. Not only are these apps great for building brand awareness but they allow businesses to advertise and provide quick-links to shop! Of course there is a fee and your advertisement won’t be up on Instagram forever but isn’t it worth it to build your brand? We think so.

Other softwares that marketers should be aware of include photoshop apps like Adobe Lightroom and VSCO. As well as creative apps like Canva (a poster making software) and mojo which make your Instagram stories look professional and eye-catching. However, many of these apps have multiple uses and functions!

Finally, another software that is used by marketers and others is Adobe InDesign. This can be self taught through research and YouTube videos or just playing around on the software. You can make a plethora of items using InDesign such as magazines, brochures, books, posters, flyers, logos, and you can even add special effects to objects! It’s not cheap but it’s a good idea to learn since it is used in the professional marketing world.

We hope this blog has given you some insight into what to expect from the marketing industry and where to go to find the major trends of the industry!!




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