Contact CEA Staffing For Your Last Minute Staffing Needs! 4 years ago

We get it. Last minute requests in this industry happen often. You get a call from your team who wants to set up an activation within the next few days. Sometimes even 24hrs! Throw in a multi city program with footprints and staffing needs and you might find yourself in a pickle. That’s when CEA Staffing comes to the rescue.

We have received endless last minute requests from clients throughout the years. But guess what, we love them! We are here for you. We’ve got you covered. Whether it is a last minute  sampling event, trade shows, pop-up events, activations, or any other type of experiential event we can most certainly find you the best brand ambassadors to execute. That is because we’ve truly focused on developing relationships with our team so that when we call, they also answer. Our brand ambassador are also happy to jump in and help out last minute. It’s a win win for everyone!

Contact CEA Staffing to find the best brand ambassador for you last minute staffing needs!


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