A look into what events will look like for 2021 2 months ago

Hello everyone!

2020 was a very interesting year that made us all have to change for the greater good. A lot of stores, events, restaurants, and much more had to either cancel/close or it just all went remote. But with a deeper understanding of the virus now we know a lot more than we did back in March so that we can try to go back to normal a bit.

With that let’s look at what events for 2021 will look like, according to Passage.

  1. First off large events will probably not happen
    • Social distancing will be the new normal. There will be a limited number of audience members when it comes to concerts and sporting events so that everyone can be spaced out. This is important so that people do not speak germs to one another.
  2. Hybrid events are the new normal
    • If an event is happening they will more than likely have a virtual component to it. This is so that if a guest can’t travel to the location of the event, or if the guest does not feel comfortable being around people in-person, there is still a way to be part of the event.
  3. More affordable price points
    • Since there are still a lot of people unemployed because of the pandemic, spending a lot of money on events is not realistic any more. Guest will want to spend money if they feel that this event will memorable. 
  4. Better quality
    • With events having a virtual component, guests will expect the quality of the videos to be amazing. Guests will not be happy if the steam cuts out or look like it was being filmed from a phone. If they are paying money for this then brands should expect to put some money into having high-quality cameras and technology. 
  5. Outdoor events
    • It’s healthier for all parties involved for the event to be held outside since that is where fresh open air is. Inside will make some people uncomfortable and not willing to attend since it is a closed environment. 
  6. More sanitation procedures
    • Our last blog talks about how important it is to continue to follow the CDC guidelines. For even more information click here to find out more! 

We here at CEA Staffing are so excited to begin providing staff for events again, but it’s looking like we may still have some big challenges. We are up for the challenge and we ensure we keep our staff, clients, and guest safe always!!

Stay safe!

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