It's time to be creative 3 months ago

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! We are officially over with 2020! Woohoo! Now on to 2021!

When it comes to putting on events we need to remember to still follow the CDC Guidelines but this is also the time to get creative and find a way to live this new normal.

Check out these creative events people from around the world have executed

When executing an event during the pandemic it is important to continue to:

  • Wear masks
  • Stay 6 feet apart
  • Having people in an outdoor space is ideal
  • Conduct temperature checks
  • Provide hand sanitation and any materials people are touching
  • wash your hands often and don’t touch your face

It seems to be an outgoing battle at this point, but let’s not forget to look on the bright side of our situation also. This is the time to be creative and activates events in unique ways!

We here at CEA Staffing are looking forward to what new adventures 2021 has in store for us!

Stay Safe!

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