What does a brand ambassador do? 2 months ago

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Interested in becoming a brand ambassador?? Do you have questions about what exactly a brand ambassadors does ??? We created a short video to answer some of those questions! Some highlights from the video ??

? Work gigs around your schedule.
? Make mucho dinero working when you’re free.
????‍?????‍♀️??‍???‍? Meet people from all walks of life and become lifetime friends.
?Work concerts, festivals, markets, tours, trade shows samplings… like every type of event you can think of!
? Become the face and voice for the biggest brands in the world!

Check it out our video for more info ? !

If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador, sign up on our website! We staff events nationwide in large cities and teeny tiny towns as well! Reach out with any questions!!

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