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Brand Ambassador Influencer Program 6 months ago

Now a day’s more and more brand ambassadors are becoming influencers. During COVID, we began to offer a new service so that our brands can continue to promote their products and continue to provide work to our family of CEA brand ambassadors across the nation.

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Why become a Brand Ambassador? 6 months ago

As more in-person events make their comeback and establishments begin to open up again, it means our brand ambassador can finally start getting back to work! In-person experiences have been missed but more and more events are being scheduled every week, and that makes us SO happy!

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Amazing Event Venues in America 8 months ago

The venue selected for an event is one of the most important choices event producers have to make. Event venues should give you the ability to create a space that your guests will remember. Finding the right venue isn’t always easy, so we thought we would share some fantastic event venues across the United States:

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