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Thank You 2021! 2022 IS LOOKING GOOD! 7 days ago

Late post, but still relevant! 2021… we did it! We came back full force and we were able to staff dozens of events and programs and hundreds of staff across the country!! We are beyond thankful for such and amazing year and we are soooo ready for you 2022!

We are gearing up for all of the activations, programs, and events we have for 2022! Get on board brand ambassadors! Sign up on our website to work for the biggest brands and events across the states! Happy 2022! Let’s go!!

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Lifeway Kefir & CEA Staffing POP UP at the immersive Van Gogh Exhibition!  4 months ago

Hey Chicago! This spring Kefir Company’s Lifeway Foods promoted their deliciously healthy beverages at the Immersive van Gogh Exhibition along with CorePower Yoga. We paired up with Lifeway Kefir to give yoga and art lovers the opportunity to learn about and sample some amazing new dairy products on the market. Who wouldn’t love to take a yoga class while in a room of moving art and then replenish their body with some delicious and healthy Kefir! 

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Brand Ambassador Influencer Program 10 months ago

Now a day’s more and more brand ambassadors are becoming influencers. During COVID, we began to offer a new service so that our brands can continue to promote their products and continue to provide work to our family of CEA brand ambassadors across the nation.

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Why become a Brand Ambassador? 10 months ago

As more in-person events make their comeback and establishments begin to open up again, it means our brand ambassador can finally start getting back to work! In-person experiences have been missed but more and more events are being scheduled every week, and that makes us SO happy!

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