Lifeway Kefir & CEA Staffing POP UP at the immersive Van Gogh Exhibition!  2 years ago

Brand ambassador staffing

Hey Chicago! This spring Kefir Company’s Lifeway Foods promoted their deliciously healthy beverages at the Immersive van Gogh Exhibition along with CorePower Yoga. We paired up with Lifeway Kefir to give yoga and art lovers the opportunity to learn about and sample some amazing new dairy products on the market. Who wouldn’t love to take a yoga class while in a room of moving art and then replenish their body with some delicious and healthy Kefir! 

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to provide brand ambassadors to host such amazing events across the country this year. And they love seeing all of the guests having so much fun while taking yoga classes and channeling their inner zen with CorePower Yoga while sipping some Lifeway Kefir dairy afterwards.   

For those of you who are not familiar with Lifeway Kefir, they are  probiotic dairy beverages that are definitely products worth picking up on your next trip to the grocery store. Packed with probiotics to increase those serotonin levels and stabilize your mood, gut, and mind. What more could someone want from such a magnificent product! To learn more about Lifeway Kefir products, click here

To get tickets to the Immersive van Gogh Exhibition, the ticket price for adults is $40! To learn more about  the exhibit, click here!  

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