Here are some fun ideas to do this St Patricks Day! 1 year ago

Don’t have plans for St Patrick’s Day this year? Well, you have come to the right place! Since most cities are not hosting parades this year because of the pandemic, we thought we would share some fun activities you can do at home with your friends and family!

Here are 5 fun activities you can do this St Patrick’s Day!

  1. Watch an Irish Movie
    • Get together with your friends and family to watch an Irish movie. Movies that you could watch are Brooklyn, Sing Street, The Luck of the Irish, and so much more. Click here for more movies! To make it that much better, you could make green matcha popcorn to make the experience more magical. 
  2. Drink Green Beer
    • This drink is definitely a must for St. Paddy’s day. Green beer will add more green to your festivities. It is simply dyed beer, but you could use nonartificial dyes too. Take your favorite beer, we suggest Guinness to give it that Ireland feels, then put green food dye or wheatgrass, matcha, and spinach, then tada you made green beer! 
  3. Plan a scavenger hunt
    • Get your friends and family in the spirit and go on an Irish hunt! Hide clover stickers around the house and then go find them. The reward, of course, would be a pot of gold, aka chocolate gold coins! 
  4. Learn how to stepdance
    • A great way to immerse yourself in Irish culture is to learn their traditional dance. Try the jig out by watching a youtube video to help; also, you have to add some Irish music to fully immerse yourself. 
  5. Make a mini shamrock shake
    • If you don’t have a shamrock shake, did you really celebrate St Paddy’s day? It only takes 4 ingredients and 1 step! You will need vanilla cream, milk, peppermint extract, mint extract, and green food coloring! Then just mix it together. For a more detailed recipe, click here.

We here at CEA Staffing hope that your St Patricks day is so much more magical with these 5 fun activities! For more fun activities, click here and here! Happy St. Patty’s day!!

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