Experiential Marketing is the strategy of the Century! 7 months ago

CEA Staffing brand ambassadors working a Barilla campaign.

At CEA Staffing, we believe that the heart of experiential marketing lies in our brand ambassadors! Traditional marketing through tangible or digital media has grown to be mundane as consumers are swarmed with ads daily. However, experiential marketing is unique in that it doesn’t feel like a typical ad! Instead, it could be a nice conversation with a friendly face, a fun pop-up event with drinks and snacks, or a cool photo opportunity! The possibilities are endless! Consistent experiential marketing efforts have the ability to completely transform businesses and improve their relations with consumers! In this blog, we will discuss how consistent experiential marketing will make a business grow over time!

Consistency is the key to success in experiential marketing. Regularly organizing interactive events, pop-ups, or demonstrations allows businesses many opportunities to engage with consumers face-to-face. A brand attending a single tradeshow is a step in the right direction. But brands who consistently engage in tradeshows, street teams, or activations tend to have a stronger relationship with their consumers! Many of our clients partner with us nationwide. For example, we have helped staff Liv Golf events in Miami, Orlando, and Washington DC! This allows the brands to interact with diverse clients across the country!

Experiential marketing provides an opportunity to tell authentic stories, share values, and convey a genuine sense of purpose. Customers appreciate transparency and the chance to connect with the faces behind the brand. Our brand ambassadors are specially trained to work under a variety of conditions and are enthusiastic to engage with diverse consumers! Our friendly staff strives to create fun and engaging environments that put a positive spotlight on the brand we are partnered with! Face-to-face conversations also give brands the opportunity to get compliments or feedback from consumers directly! Hearing about services or products that consumers love, or ones that don’t, is incredibly valuable for businesses! This direct feedback can help shape the future of the company. Adapting feedback can also help build a good relationship between the organization and consumers too! As people love feeling seen and heard from organizations they support.

A great example of an unforgettable activation is our Barilla campaign! Our brand ambassadors got to engage with consumers, answer questions, hand out samples, hand out products, and overall promote Barilla Pesto! Our team worked incredibly hard and created a warm and welcoming environment that led consumers to leave the booth with a smile! We are so incredibly proud of all our brand ambassadors that make our events a success!


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