The Importance of Being Reliable! 5 years ago

Being a part of the brand ambassador industry has a lot of perks! One of them is being able to create your own schedule of events. How amazing is that?! Flexibility, heck yeah! But with that ability comes a lot of responsibility on your part. One of the biggest being reliability. Being on time and most importantly, showing up.
Let’s go over the basics. It should go without saying that if your event starts at 8am you should be there by at least 7:45am. Always be at least 15 minutes early! This gives you time to check-in, prepare the booth, go to the restroom, review your checklist, meet with other brand ambassadors you’re working with, and so on. When you arrive ON TIME it makes you look good and in turn makes us look good! You are representing CEA Staffing and whichever client you have been hired to work for.
Again, you are representing us and the client you are promoting! If you show up late or do not show up at all, there is a lot on the line. That being said, you are not only jeopardizing the possibility of getting rehired but also the client and agency relationship. We’re talking about us potentially losing our client all together. Yeah, not cool. If our staff are unreliable, we look bad and we don’t get any future staffing requests. True story.

And think about it. If you have a history of being unreliable, you may find it hard to get hired for jobs. Your PopBookings account could also be suspended which means you can not apply for future events with that agency. Here at CEA Staffing, we have zero tolerance for no-shows. If you don’t show up and don’t give us any notice or explanation, you’re out. This may sound harsh on you but the consequences for the agency are much more harsh. We’ve got mouths to feed over here too, people. Let’s respect each other’s livelihood.

We would like to mention that another brand ambassador could have and would have loved to work the event you were hired for. Not showing up for events takes away the ability for someone else to have made money as well. So please, take the events you work for seriously.

Basically, BE RELIABLE. Show up and show up on time! When you do this, everyone wins. And you get re-hires! No brainer!

A few tips to ensure you show up on-time for your next event:

  • set a reminder on your phone for the day and time of the event
  • set another reminder that will notify you when to LEAVE for the event
  • if you need to commute by train make sure you review the schedule in advance and take the train that will ensure you arrive at the event on time
  • if you are driving, check the traffic times and make sure that gas tank is full!
  • if you are using a ride share service, schedule a pick up time or make sure you order it with plenty of time to get to the event
  • have your required attire cleaned, ironed, and ready to go the day before the event!

If you have a history of being late or forgetting to show up, use these tips to ensure you show up to your next event!! Remember, it is better to be early than late!

We are looking forward to working with you soon!

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