Meet Our Brand Ambassador from Seattle! 5 years ago

Everyone say hello to our Seattle based brand ambassador, Vanna! Aside from the flexibility of being a brand ambassador, Vanna enjoys the freshness that comes with working different and various events. She gets the awesome opportunity to participate in gigs she would otherwise not be a part of or have access to! Additionally, she enjoys meeting new people!

Vanna ALWAYS conducts herself in a professional manner. She knows the importance of positively representing the brands she has been hired to work for. Vanna has studied business and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology which makes her a brand ambassador dynamo! She has gained the skills, experience, and understanding, to be both business savvy and personable. Those two traits are needed to be the ultimate brand ambassador! She is extremely personable, efficient, and experienced. Vanna has over 10 years worth of experience in customer service!!! For many years she managed a busy cafe in the heart of Seattle which helped her gain that experience. She also worked in hospitality where she served a diverse range of people. From this, she has learned to communicate effectively with everyone and anyone!

Vanna is extremely comfortable in large crowds, loud environments, approaching and engaging with strangers, and being persuasive promoting a product or idea. We should also mention that she has a VERY contagious smile and an OUTSTANDING attitude!!! If you are interested in what brands Vanna has worked with, look no further! —> She has worked as a brand ambassador for Nintendo, HBO, Showtime, Geico, Coca Cola, Ford, Brotherton Cadillac GMC, American Express, Delta Airlines, Airbnb, Capital One, L’oreal and Maybelline Cosmetics, and many more!

Keep up all the great work Vanna!!!

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