New York Brand Ambassador Arthesa 5 years ago

Arthesa is our brand ambassador from the Big Apple, New York City!

When she is not busy working, she is busy with schoolwork. Arthesa is currently going to college for a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising! Both areas of study are extremely helpful to being a successful brand ambassador.

She has been a brand ambassador for four years and is known for her outstanding performance. Arthesa is a team player with a great work ethic. Plus, she is always willing to take on challenging tasks! What more could you want from a BA?!

If Arthesa had to describe herself in three words they would be: innovative, passionate, and professional. Sounds to us like the qualities of a great entrepreneur!

Arthesa has worked with popular brands such as: Heineken, KeVita, and Coca-Cola!

She took on multiple liquor events for Heineken and also participated in special events like the US Open and many concerts!

She was a brand ambassador for KeVita and promoted their probiotics drink at street fairs and events all around New York!!

Arthesa also had the awesome opportunity of working the annual Winter Wonderland Fair for Coca-Cola!

Thank you for all your hard work Arthesa!!!

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