Let's Talk About Our Rating System! 4 years ago

FIVE STARS *****. The number of stars we as a business strive for. But stars can impact you as a brand ambassador as well and whether or not you get hired for jobs. What a lot of brand ambassadors don’t know is that Popbookings, our staffing platform, has implemented a rating system for agencies to review their talent after events. Yes, this is a big deal. Why? Because we are looking at things like your ratings when selecting talent for our events. It only makes sense for us to want to work with individuals who are proving to be excellent brand ambassadors for all agencies using the Popbookings platform. Because it means you’re awesome! At CEA, we appreciate and acknowledge hard work. It’s what makes us want to reach out to you when we have events and book you again and again.

Now, let us fill you in on this rating system. Trust us, you want to read this! To put things into perspective for you, many of our brand ambassadors on Popbookings have 0 stars. Don’t worry just yet as this does not mean you have been doing a terrible job. It just means you have not yet been reviewed. We would even suggest to always, kindly, ask the agencies you are working for to review you after the event. The more 5 star ratings, the better. But that’s not all folks! Read on.

Here are some other things we can see when viewing profiles:

  • Number of events worked.
  • Check-in rate.
  • Response rate.
  • Profile completion.
  • Experience, photos, and resumes. Make sure all of this is complete!

So how do you get booked more?? Here’s some tips to help increase your ratings:

  • Be sure to always check-in ON TIME. We cannot stress this enough. Being present and on-time is one thing but you must be sure to check-in on the Popbookings app. If you’re having any issues checking in, be sure to let Popbookings know!
  • Complete your profile. That means current pics of you in action, add your experience, upload and update your resume, stats, and complete contact info.
  • “Show up”. Literally, show up but also show up and be the best we know you can be!
  • Handle yourself with professionalism. You are representing CEA Staffing as being part of our agency, but more importantly you are representing our client.
  • Be responsive to your booking coordinator. Make sure to check your messages as they may be trying to get a hold of you for something important or provide you with additional event details.
  • Do an excellent job all around.

Hope this was helpful. And remember, a great star rating is what gets people hired!!

Now go and get those stars!!!!

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