Event Etiquette! 4 years ago

Being new to the world of promotions can be intimidating. The following are a few helpful tips for what TO DO and NOT TO DO to make sure that your first event goes AMAZING! If you’re not new to brand ambassador work, a little refresher never hurts. 🙂


  1. Be prepared! That means getting to know the brand you are representing and reviewing all event materials prior to event. Be sure to ask all of your questions before you’re onsite.
  2. Dress for success. Make sure you are well groomed and look professional. Usually, the client will give you a uniform or tell you specifically what to wear. If they don’t, you may ask in advance. Wear comfortable shoes if the client allows and if you are standing for the majority of the event. Uncomfortable shoes can keep you from giving your best!
  3. Arrive on time. Preferably 10-15 minutes before you were asked to arrive. This is actually a CEA policy for all events ;). Better to be extra early than late. Remember, punctuality is always noted by the agency!
  4. Smile! 🙂 You want to come off as being genuine, outgoing, and fun! Keep that smile on your face the entire event because clients and consumers are always watching.
  5. Engage, engage, engage! Be warm and inviting so that you are approachable. Consumers should feel comfortable asking you about what you are promoting.
  6. Listen to the client. Be respectful of whomever is in charge. Do not talk back, do as asked, respect everyone, and do the job you were hired to do with passion.


  1. Don’t step on anyone’s toes. The client has spent lots of time and money deciding how something should be done. If something is not working, you may address it, but be polite and respectful when doing so.
  2. Put your phone away. You have been hired for a purpose so please do not pull it out while on the job unless the client or agency request a pic. After that, put it away again. Instagram can wait!
  3. Don’t take too long of breaks. Respect everyone’s time and others breaks. Return to the event within your break time.
  4. Don’t spend the event talking to other staff. Spread out and make sure that the people you are talking to most are consumers.
  5. Don’t request to leave early unless an absolute emergency.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Now go out there and rock it!! Be the best brand ambassador you can be!




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