What is Experiential Marketing?? 5 years ago

What is Experiential Marketing you ask?? We can explain it for you! And we will also fill you in on why brand ambassadors are a key part of any Experiential Marketing campaign.

Experiential Marketing is a marketing strategy that engages consumers and invites them to learn more about a brand. With that said, engagement is a huge part of Experiential Marketing. That’s where brand ambassadors come in. Brands hire brand ambassadors who are experienced in consumer engagement. Those brand ambassadors encourage consumers to try out the brands products and/or learn about the services they provide. Brand ambassadors are hired to help create a lasting, memorable, and emotional connection which is key to a successful Experiential Marketing campaign. Using brand ambassadors is a necessary and excellent addition to any event because a real persons words are more credible and their influence is powerful.

CEA has staffed THOUSANDS of Experiential Marketing campaigns throughout our 10+ years and our seasoned and hard working staff have represented the biggest brands in the world. Our brand ambassadors are passionate about the brands they represent and that is a must when hiring individuals to speak on behalf of your brand. They give a voice to our client’s brands and assist in creating a live experience that social media posts and television ads can never create.

Contact CEA Staffing to book the absolute best staff for your next campaign or program! Our brand ambassadors create brand ambassadors!!


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