Chicago Based Brand Ambassador! 5 years ago

CEA Staffing is a Chicago based agency and Kwasi is one of our Chicago based brand ambassadors!!

He has over seven years experience executing promotions and brand ambassador work! Kwasi genuinely enjoys interacting with consumers and sharing his excitement about the different brands he promotes. Kwasi gives off GREAT energy and people immediately gravitate towards him. You will always see a crowd of consumers whenever Kwasi’s is working!!

Kwasi has manager experience with top clients, is excellent at engaging consumers, and is outstanding at promoting various top brands!! He gets people motivated, excited and pumped up. Kwasi is the KING of brand ambassadors! He takes his job very seriously and personally. You could say he takes promoting to the next level! Kwasi loves to continue his job by spreading brand awareness through his personal social media pages too. Now thats going above and beyond and we love that!!

Consumers cannot resist his SMILE and CHARM! Hire Kwasi and take your brand experience to the next level!

Just look at that SMILE!!!! 🙂



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