Ways you can support the BLM Movement 10 months ago

Together we stand

This past week has weighed heavily on our hearts, but we MUST not sit back and learn nothing from everything that has happened. We must not act as though these were just instances that will pass and become yet another memory. We must listen, we must learn, and we must act. It is our responsibility to keep speaking up and spreading awareness for what is right. We must continue to fight for justice. We must see change.

Here are multiple ways you can get involved and support the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as promote awareness of injustice, inequality, and be a voice amplifying a message of unity.

  1. Donate: If you have the means to, please donate what you can to support funds and organizations that are advocating and fighting for change.
  2. Sign Petitions: Support change and justice. Sign as many petitions as you can. It only takes a few minutes of your time.
  3. Educate Yourself: Learn what it means to be anti-racist. Inform the people around you and be prepared to have conversations with those who may not fully understand. Ask uncomfortable questions with the intention to grow and unite. Follow organizations that are constantly providing information and ways to stay active with the movement on social media.
  4. Support Black Owned Businesses: Look into your local Black-Owned businesses and support them. Order from them. Shop from them. Follow and engage with them on social media. Share their pages with others.
  5. Share: Spread information and resources to the people you know. Share and repost on social media. Do not let the conversation die down. Use your platform to share information that promotes change and unity.
  6. Text, Call, or Email: Reach out to your local authorities. Contact them and demand change and justice. There are pre-made templates that make this quick and simple to do.
  7. Peaceful Protesting: If you are protesting, please do so in a peaceful way. Speak your truth, scream at the top of your lungs and demand change, march until you can stand no longer, and do not stop until the message is heard and changes are made.
  8. Educate your children: We need to be sure that the beauty of diversity, culture, unity, and race are consistent conversations we are having with our children. This article breaks down, by age group, how we can have conversations with our children about race, racism, and equality. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/02/parenting/kids-books-racism-protest.html
  9. VOTE: Please vote if you are 18 and older. Do your research and go to the polls. This is crucial! https://www.vote.org/

Additional Resources: Here are links to various sites and pages that are filled with more ways you can get involved.

These two links have substantial information and links to help support BLM. This includes funds and organizations, petitions, email templates, educational resources, and so much more. They have everything clearly laid out and linked for you.


#blacklivesmatter Google Doc

Campaign Zero: We truly love this organization because it provides you with the tools and information to TAKE ACTION in your community. Campaign Zero is comprised of activists, protesters, and researchers across the nation. It is focused on being a platform that presents comprehensive solutions to end police brutality across the nation by looking at data, community demands, and research organization policy recommendations. This organization helps support, spread awareness, and take action. It clearly explains and lays out how individuals can take action and who they can contact by providing information on district representatives. They propose ten detailed solutions and actions that can be taken towards these solutions.

Additional Organizations: Here is a list of organizations you can follow for more amazing information. Click on the link to be taken to their websites and to learn.







Thank you to the creators of these resources and to these organizations!

Uplifting Videos: We also want to ensure we are not only sharing the negative from this past week because we don’t want the bad overshadowing all of the good. Check out these videos to lift your heart and restore your faith in humanity. We can not give up on each other. Together we stand!

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