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Now more than ever brands are looking to social media to continue to promote their brands in a safe and effective way. Brands are looking to build brand awareness, likes, and their following. How are they doing this? By partnering with influencers. They are teaming up with micro and nano influencers across the country to share their brand story with influencers and their followers. Followers who are genuine, real, and loyal due to their real life connection with these influencers. Want to work as a micro/nano influencer? Here are some tips and tricks to connect with your following virtually, in order to work with brands.


  1. Understand the power of the platform: The majority of consumers turn to social media to connect with their favorite brands. Know when to post, know what posts generate the most engagement, host Q&A’s and go live (more about this below), and speak genuinely to your followers.
  2. Updates: Keep your followers updated. Let them know about brands you are loving or events you are attending. Be consistent with your posts and stay engaged with consumers.
  3. Online Customer Service: Make sure you respond to questions and concerns from people interested in learning more about the brand. Consistently check your comments and direct messages. Make sure you respond!
  4. Show Your Appreciation: Let your followers know that you appreciate them! Reply to their positive comments. Make sure you are showing your gratitude. Engage with those who engage with you.
  5. Behind the Scenes Look: Give your followers an inside look at your life and the brands you are representing by provide real content. This can be through sneak peeks of future projects or details on how an event came together. Make them feel included in your day to day work!
  6. Be Creative: Take the time to plan out your social media page layout. Get creative with the content you post. Be authentic and original!
  7. Day in the Life: Use social media to give followers insight on your day. Share some of what your daily activities are or what you have been up to recently. This will make your network of followers feel connected!
  8. Go Live: Use Instagram Live to connect and engage with your followers. You can use this tool to feature special guests or to talk about specific topics. You can also use it to stream virtual events. This is a popular and loved tool that can really help you connect directly with your followers.
  9. Q&A’s: Hold question and answer sessions. You can do this through a live stream, a social media post, or the Q&A feature on Instagram. Give your followers the opportunity to ask you questions about you and the brands you are representing. This is a great way to address topics you may have not known your followers were interested in. Build a network of engaged followers who feel connected to you.
  10. Contests/Giveaways: Run contests and giveaways that are specifically for the followers that follow you on social media. Come up with a creative campaign to go along with it. Make it something fun for your followers and something they are excited about.

RECAP: Think about the message you wish to convey on your pages, partner with brands you believe in, provide authentic content, stay current, engage with those who engage with you, and be authentic. Now go post something amazing!

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