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Brands, companies, stores, and all other businesses around the globe have had to put a pause on the majority of their regular activities. Events are being canceled or postponed until there is a more concrete understanding of when it will be safe to execute them. However, amidst all of this chaos and uncertainty, businesses have had the chance to get creative with the ways they will continue to move forward. Some of the biggest things that have emerged from this new life norm are virtual events. Virtual events are giving businesses an opportunity to continue to grow and connect with their clients. Although they may not be on a scale as large as live events are, they allow for engagement and interaction.

Virtual events are being conducted through social media and video conference calls. Businesses are able to “go live” and communicate with their audience in a safe way. Accordingly, many businesses are giving their audience an opportunity to use their phones or devices to interact in real-time and send in their feedback and opinions. Thank goodness for technology!


In addition to this, virtual events allow for greater attendance of people because online there really is no space or seating capacity. This is giving businesses the chance to expand their following and reach out to a wider audience without the worry that they will run out of space and reach the maximum capacity of attendees allowed. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than attending a global conference and purchasing booth space. Although virtual events are typically not hours long and do not have as big or as complex of a production behind them, they can still be impactful, efficient, and dynamic.


As we move forward and look at the future of our businesses, it is important that we embrace technology now more than ever. Use all of the social media platforms and virtual tools that are accessible. Get creative! Host your own virtual events! Let’s make the best out of all the changes we have had to make.


Check out these tools to host your virtual events!
Here’s an example from our friends at The Vendry who showcased a recent virtual event!



Stay positive and healthy everyone!

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