Curbside Sampling: A New Way To Sample 4 years ago

Curbside Sampling Programs

As we continue to navigate and adjust to these difficult and unfamiliar circumstances, we look for ways to move forward and find solutions so that we can resume executing events in a new way. Curbside pick-up has become the safest and preferred method for picking up groceries, food, and many other types of store orders, and we can also see it as a safe and effective method for curbside sampling as well!

Picture this. When customers drive-up to a store or restaurant, brand ambassadors will be outside in an approved sampling area set up with all of the tools necessary to sample safely. They will practice strict safety measures like wearing gloves, masks, and only sample packaged products for the time being. These products will be sanitized before being distributed as well. They will also be prepared with social distancing 6ft apart markers and a certificate of Safe Sampling Practices indicating that their sampling station has taken all safety precautions to ensure a safe sampling experience.

We believe that curbside sampling can be the first step into resuming on and off-premise sampling events. We will continue to work hard to come up with safe and creative ways to continue to get our brand’s products into the hands of consumers, safely. The safety of others and the safety of our brand ambassadors are our top priority as we look toward the future and the changes it will bring to our industry. But, we will adjust, we will move forward, and we will continue to find ways to create memorable brand experience’s for all!

Stay healthy and positive everyone!

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