Why You Should Become A Brand Ambassador With CEA Staffing! 9 months ago

Being a brand ambassador is absolutely amazing for a billion reasons. Let's go over some of those reasons with you. 

It's the perfect job for students! While attending school, it can be really hard finding an employer who is willing to be flexible with your full-load of classes. That's why Brand Ambassador work could be the perfect job for you!

It provides: flexible hours, short and long term commitments, GREAT pay, and the opportunity to educate people on some of the greatest products out there!

You are placed in a work environment that's fast-paced, allows you to connect with lots of people, and make friends in the process!

Here's another list of the reasons YOU should become a brand ambassador and join the CEA Staffing team! 

1. Get paid between $15-$50 an hour!!! ( Depending on the event )

2. Pick and choose the events you would like to work. With BA work you are able to create a work schedule that perfectly fits your life schedule! 

3. Represent products and services and even new ones that have just launched. You get to stay up to date on all the amazing brands out there and even get to try them yourself! Like before anyone! How cool!! 

4. Meet new people. With brand ambassador work you are constantly given the opportunity to meet new people from all different walks of life. You get to work with new individuals constantly which means you have the opportunity to make new friends constantly! 

5. Reach people. Becoming a brand ambassadors allows you to be a voice for that brand. You are able to reach new consumers and possibly turn them on to something new and maybe even life changing. How great would that feel! Represent products you trust and believe in!  

6. And oh yeah, did we mention you are given access to VIP events. We have had numerous clients who have promoted their brand at various concerts and big VIP events. And if you are hired for these events, YOU get access. Our BA's have meet numerous big time celebs like Giuliana and Bill Rancic, brushed shoulders with Adam Levine, been in the presence of Latin Pop Stars, TV Personalities, Reality Stars, Athletes, and Hollywood Royalty! Yes.. we know.. AMAZING! 

If you are interested in Brand Ambassador work, please create a profile on our website! It only takes a few minutes to create a profile, and you'll be that much closer to future work😉



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