Why Being A Brand Ambassador Is Awesome!!!! 9 months ago

Why Working As A Brand Ambassador Is Amazing!!!!

If you love people, products, and a constant change of scenery, then being a brand ambassador is the job for you! 

Here's some of the reasons why being a brand ambassadors is AWESOME!!

It's FUN & Doesn't Feel Like Work – If you enjoy learning about new products and have lots of energy, then the events you get to work as a brand ambassador are going to be so much fun for you and will never feel like work.

You Get Paid Well – The pay is very generous. The minimum is around $15-$20 an hour and the maximum… well, depending on what you are promoting  it could be a whole lot higher! Agencies can hire you anywhere for a one day event to a year long program! Sometimes for a two hour day and sometimes for a 12 hours days! Making money working in an environment you love is everyones dream, and working as a BA you will be able to do exactly that.

You Get To Try New Products– Depending on which brand you are with, there is always the possibility of getting to try their product for free. This way you are definitely able to relay your message of the amazingness of the product. 

Flexible Schedule: Working as a brand ambassador you are able to pick and choose the events you want to work. How awesome is that! If you need a weekend off, that is up to you. If you want to work as much as possible, theres certainly the opportunity to do this as well. You can chose the events that work best around your schedule. How many people get to say that! 

There are a million other reasons why, but why not sign up today, work an event, and see for yourself! 

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