What is a Trade show?! 9 months ago

Trade shows are happening year round, all over the world! It's a way for small and large companies, in similar industries, to come together and sell their latest products or ideas. When looking to attend a trade show, make sure you check to see if it's "public" or "trade only". If the site says "trade only", that is for company representatives–meaning it isn't open to the public. But, there are LOTS of public trade shows, don't worry;)

Below are just a few of the biggest trade shows taking place across the states!

SXSW (Austin, Texas): Music, Media, Technology. This trade show provides a way for all companies working on the latest trends to bring their ideas to the table. The technology world is ever-changing. And, it's a way to educate everyone on the "next best thing" through film and music.

NRA (Chicago, IL): Food, Business, 1800 vendors. This tradeshow provides ideas for food industry. In helping the business gain profit, in food trends and ideas, and lots of great speakers!

NACS (Las Vegas, NV): Convienience and Fuel retailers, 22000 attendees. This tradeshow provides a widespread amount of knowledge focused on products/services in the fuel and convienience store retail industry. 


Click for a list of the "Top 250 Tradeshows in USA).


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