What is a Trade show Model? 9 months ago

Trade show models are freelancers hired by staffing agencies, to help represent a company at a trade show event. The models help draw attention to the trade show booth by being fun, knowledgable, and articulate. The models are required to quickly learn the product, and do their best to help engage the attendees and inform them about the product/service being sold. 

Here are some links to popular Trade Show events, where trade show models would be utilized!

1. Sweets and Snacks Expo (Chicago, IL): www.sweetsandsnacks.com

2.  NRA Show (Chicago, IL): show.restaurant.org/Home

3. Auto Trade Show (Las Vegas, NV): www.semashow.com

4. NACS Show (Las Vegas, NV): www.nacsonline.com

If interested in becoming a Trade Show Model please create a profile on the site!

If interested in hiring a Trade Show Model please feel free to fill out a contact form and let us know the details of the show and any models you are interested in booking! 


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