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We wanted to let you in on what exactly CEA Staffing, and our clients, look for when hiring for an event or promotion. This is how you get more work!

When staffing an event, we want someone who is reliable, responsible, respectful, and friendly! When you apply for an event, show your professionalism by using proper english, complete sentences with accurate punctuation, and a fluid flow of information about yourself.

Always make sure that you fill out the information requested on our submission form completely. Whatever is asked of you should be answered to the best of your ability. Below is a list of the fields you absolutely SHOULD NOT skip over!

– Height: Your height is important because some clients request specific heights for events. If you left this field blank or if it is incorrect, you may be overlooked.

– Stats: We may have an event in which we need a model to fit into a certain size costume or shoe ( the higher paying gigs ; ) ) so don't leave these fields empty!

– Experience: DO NOT slack in this area. Clients want to see your experience. This is so very important. This often is the FIRST thing some clients look at. If its empty… you most likely are not going to get hired. Fill in what you can! Even if you only have one event under you belt. We want to see some expereince.

– Address: How else will you be searchable when clients are booking staff in a specific cities.

– ABOUT YOU: One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is DO NOT skip the ABOUT YOU section. Why miss another opporunity, perhaps the most important, to self yourself! We can't tell you how many people don't get highered because the client did not see this on a profile. So take the extra time to fill this section in. We promise it helps a TON!

Leaving sections blank gives the impression that you didn't take the time to really apply for this event. When you go that extra mile, and put in that extra effort, it's worth it! It shows us that your thourough and that you are really interested in working for us. That you go over and beyond what is asked of you and that makes CEA want to hire YOU for the job!

We hope this has been helpful! Now go and make sure you profile is COMPLETE! = )


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