What Agencies Look For When Booking Trade Show & Promotional Models. 9 months ago

Well now here's a good question. What do agencies look for when booking trade show models & promotional models? We've got your answers!

We get this question on a weekly basis if not more. So CEA would like to take the time and answer this question for you, so that you know what we are looking for when we hire our staff for events! And who better to highlight than one of our most reliable, outgoing, and experienced Chicago trade show models, Anastasiya! 

Why do we constantly hire Anastasiya over the rest?

1. RELIABLE RELIABLE RELIABLE! Anastasiya is one of the most reliable trade show/promo models around. She has exceptional work ethic and has never canceled or no showed for an event she has confirmed. One of our favorite things about her! Lesson here, NEVER cancel last minute and NEVER EVER no show to an event. Those are 2 guarantees you will not be contacted for future work.

2. COMMUNICATION! Her communication with the agency from booking request to day of check-ins is always on point! Agencies never like it when talent is unresponsive or hard to get a hold of before, during, or after their bookings. Being in constant communication with your agency is a must! 

3. EXPERIENCE! Anastasiya has pretty much worked every type of trade show, event, and promotion out there. Her strong resume makes her stand out amongst the rest. So keep up the hard work and continue adding event after event to your resume ya'll!

4. RAVE REVIEWS! Who doesn't like a rave review. And this chica receives them after each and every show she works. She gets them for being professional, her outgoing personality, and the fact that she is incredibly easy to work with. No agency or client wants to work with a diva!

5. AND THAT SMILE! No question that this lovely lady has a smile that will light up a room. Agencies love big and inviting smiles. And our clients sure love this as well. We never want to hear that our talent was not warm and inviting, never. We want to hear that no matter what the request, our talent executed with a GREAT BIG SMILE!

We hope this information helps you to become the best trade show model and/or promotional model you can be and get hired time and time again. 

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