Trade Show Models Are A Huge Asset! 9 months ago


Here at CEA Staffing we get a ton of request each month for experienced trade show models. Our requests come from city to city across the nation. Why are people requesting trade show models? Because they are AMAZING. Well, at least ours are. We provide the most experienced, reliable, and outgoing trade show models around. And they should not be looked at as some pretty face hired to look attractive and smile in the booths. Our girls ( and guys ) are much more than that. Heres how!

– Our girls ( And guys ) help to generate hundreds of leads for our clients that turn into SALES. 

– They become educated on our clients products or services and are able to, articulately, educate attendees on the brand. This is super helpful when our clients are tied up with other costumers or have meetings to attend. 

– Our staff ensures no one passes by without information. They make sure to engage attendees that may have otherwise passed right on by. 

– Trade show models can help to demo products live. Who doesn't want to see a product demonstration. This is a great way to attract attention that turn into leads that turn into SALES! 

– Our staff can also assist with administrative tasks in the booths should our client not have the time or busy assisting an attendee.

Don't just take our word for it. Call today and we can find you a trade show model that will help to make you next show a success. 



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