Tips For Keeping Healthy When Working A Crazy PROMO Schedule! 9 months ago


Tips For Keeping Healthy When Working A Crazy PROMO Schedule 

As we all know promotional peeps are always busy and this means you probably have a crazy work week that takes you all over the city. Whether you are a trade show model, tour manager, or brand ambassador we know how busy your life can be. This leaves you with little or no time to do anything, let alone have a good meal and exercise. The important thing is staying healthy throughout the week. You need to make sure you feel great so you have lots energy while you are promoting your brands! Let us give you a few tips in order to keep your body and mind healthy when you're out working in the promotional world.

Make a protein shake or smoothie for breakfast. Just by adding water, protein mix, kale and spinach, and some berries only takes about thirty seconds. And it takes the same amount of time to clean it out. Not only do you save time, but you gain energy from those amazing ingredients. Plus you can bring it with you to work! 

Something else that might benefit you, is if you prepare your meals the night before. This way you don't have to worry about it if you're in a rush to get to your events in the morning.

Weekly meal prep: Prepping your food allows you to bring your meals with you to your promotion’s! Not only do you save time and money, it also allows you to eat whatever healthy foods you want. Instead of getting fast food while you're on your break, you can just reach in your bag and eat something healthy. 

If you're too busy to sit down and eat lunch at work, bring a healthy snack like chopped vegetables, a bag of almonds, hand-held fruit, or some trail-mix. Anything to keep you somewhat full and have some energy. 

Give yourself a few minutes in the morning to stretch and clear your mind. Take ten minutes to exercise before you got to work and throw in a stretch. Put on some relaxing music and stretch. If you're going to be running around all day, you don't want to have a cramp slow you down.

Keep a bottle of water by your side. Everyone knows staying hydrated is important for maintaining good health, but it can be extremely difficult to stay hydrated when you're on a busy schedule. So make sure you have that bottle of water with you wherever you go and stay hydrated! 

Sleep whenever you can. Crazy weeks can mean late nights and busy mornings, so sleep whenever you can find the time. Lack of sleep is nothing you want on a busy work week, and we know you don't want those black circles underneath your eyes either. So sleep whenever you have free time. Say no to your friends who want you to hang out and get some well deserved sleep instead. You'll thank yourself later, trust me!

Take time to talk with someone. Whether it's a mentor, a counselor, a coach, or even a friend. When you're stressed at work, the best thing to do is to talk about it with someone. Or as we like to call it “venting”. When you hold in your stress, you feel tired, you can't concentrate, and ironically you become more stressed. So find someone to talk to, release your stress, and carry on your week. 

Follow these tips and keep your body healthy during your crazy promo schedule! 

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