Starting The New Year With Four Loko & The Fat Jewish! 9 months ago

Having an amazingly fun start to the New Year with clients both new and old. We kicked off the New Year with an exciting event for Four Loko featuring the one and only Instagram sensation, The Fat Jewish! Our Chicago Promotional Models were hired to host the event and get the crowd going on stage. They did an excellent job and had so much fun while WORKING. How awesome is it when you have fun at work! Oh the perks o being a Promotional Model

The fun doesn't stop there. This is a nationwide tour and Four Loko and The Fat Jewish along with some big DJ's will also be stopping in NYC on the 15th, Tempe on the 26th, and Ohio on the 29th. And CEA will be providing Promotional Models for all the stops. More fun to be had and pictures to come! 

For now, check out a pic collage from the event below! 

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