Short on Time to Get Ready for an Event? Helpful Hints For Our Promo friends! 9 months ago

Short on time to get ready for a promotional event? It happens to the best of us—we think we have plenty of time and before we know it, we are rushing around like a crazy person! We have come up with a list of helpful tips on how to get ready in no time. But, look like you had all the time in the world… 

1. Dry shampoo is your best friend. Don’t have time to wash your hair? Spray dry shampoo at your roots, let it absorb the oils, and your hair will look freshly washed. And you don’t have to use an expensive one… Dove Dry Shampoo($3) is my absolute favorite!

2. For a five minute face, you’ll want to go the more natural route. Concealer, quickly powder all over your face, blush and bronzer (some 2-1 options), and mascara. To make your eyes look nice and bright, use a highlighter on the inner lid (closest to your nose). And, add a pop of color on your lip. 

3. If you’re not given a specific uniform for the promotional event, opt for all black. It looks professional, clean, and simple. 

4. When dealing with your hair, you can do a half-up half-down twist back, or little braid back… Keeping the majority of your hair down. It will help your hair stay out of your face, making it easy to see and communicate with the people you’re promoting to!

5. Grab a protein bar, water, and go!

Hope this is helpful when you're short on time!

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