Promotional staff DO'S and DONT'S while on the Job! 9 months ago

If you're new to the promotional world, it can be a little intimidating heading to your first event. We thought it might be helpful, to give you a few pointers on what you should and shouldn't do, when working a promotional job. And, it never hurts to remind our veteran ambassadors the proper etiquette, as well;)


*Arrive on time. Preferably 10-15 minutes before you were asked to arrive. Punctuality is key to being hired back in the future. 

*Smile! You're promoting products… You want to come off as being genuine, friendly, and fun!

*Clean appearance. You should always look put together and well groomed. Usually, they will give you a uniform, or tell you specifically what to wear. If they don't, feel free to ask in advance. 

*Find the perfect pair of classy, yet comfortable shoes. You're usually standing during the promotional job. Painful feet could prevent you from doing your absolute best!

*Engage everyone you can! Be as friendly as possible and warm and inviting so that you are approachable and people feel comfortable asking you about what you are promoting.

*Follow direction. Make sure you listen to the man or woman in charge. Do not talk back, do as asked, respect everyone, and do the job you were hired to do.


*Don't decide you want to take on a new task or create a new job. People have spent lots of time and money deciding how something should be done. So don't step on anyone’s toes and do things your way. If something is completely not working, address it, but be polite and respectful when doing so.   

*Don't be on your phone. You have been hired for a purpose so please, respectfully, keep your phone in your pocket or purse.

*Don't chew gum. Your main purpose is to educate people on the wonderful products you're promoting. If you have gum in your mouth, it's distracting to the person you're speaking with.

*Don't wear a ton of makeup. Have a natural look, unless otherwise specified.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN, be flexible, and respectful.

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