Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete & Up To Date! 9 months ago

Lets just get down to it. It is SO incredibly important to make sure your profile is always current and complete. That means your most recent experience is up-to-date, your pictures have been taken within the past few months, your stats are accurate, and your resume highlights your most recent events and promotions. This gives you a definite edge when applying for events with CEA Staffing. Our clients are reviewing your profile and looking for everything mentioned above. As with any application for any job, you want to sell yourself! You want to make you look as good as possible. You want to shine. And this is how you do it. Fill in your bio with lots of great information about your time in the industry and the positions you've held. Take pics that show your great smile and capture you action at events and promotions. And give us details describing your duties for every event you list. What were your responsibilities as a brand ambassadors, or a tour manager, or trade show model?? Tell us all about you and you will have a much better chance of being hired. GOOD LUCK!!

Lead Generation * Crowd Gathering * Demonstrations * In-Store Demos * Street Teams * Brand Ambassadors * Experiential Marketing * Event Models Registration Liquor Promos * Bartenders * Bilingual Brand Ambassadors * Golf Tournaments * Nationwide Event Staffing * Experiential Staffing * Trade Show Models  *  CDL Drivers * Tour Managers * Event Hostess

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