How to create a profile that sells you! 9 months ago

The New Year is here and so are a number of new talent submissions. Everyone looks great! However, we have notcied a few tweeks many of you can make to your profile to really sell YOU. We have also been notified of some issues talent have been having that can easily be solved by reading the points below. You can find all of this information to the right of the submission form as well. Check out additional tips below. 

– Unfortunately, this website is not Safari friendly. When creating profiles, please use Google Chrome or Fire Fox. This will help solve many issues right off the bat.

– Please do not include your full name or any contact information in the "about you" section. This should be a short pararaph that lets us know a little more about your experience in the industry and any additional info you would like to provide about yourself.

– If you attempt to add more pictures than allowed, your pictures may not save properly. If you want to add new pictures, please make sure to delete the old images you no longer wish to feature.

– DO NOT paste your resume in the about me section. This should be a short paragraph about your self.

– Please fill out your name completely. Your full last name will only be seen by our administrators.

– Please include your area code with your telephone number, and check the "TXT" box if you are able to receive text messages.

– Please include the entire link to your social networking profiles, for example:

– The "About You" section should include any experience, skills, training, or interests that are relevant to employment as event staff.

– When listing your three most recent events, please accurately describe what your responsibilities were for the event. If you do not have any experience, or do not have 3 events to list, please fill out "N/A" or "none" for the empty boxes.

– Please submit 5 of your most professional, most recent photos as a .jpg, .png, or .gif file. Other filetypes are not permitted. Files must be less than 1mb.

– Please submit single photos, no collages, and only photos of yourself, by yourself are acceptable.

– Please upload your resume in the appropriate location.

– Please upload your resume in Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF format.

– Deleting photos: To delete a photo simply scroll over image and hit the X symbol. Then make sure to refresh the page each time you delete a photo.

Additional Tips: 

– Make sure your images are current, not blurry, show you, and are apprpraite. They do not have to be professional.

– Make sure to mention your strenghts, years of experience, and why you love the industry in your Bio.


Lead Generation * Crowd Gathering * Demonstrations * In-Store Demos * Street teams * Brand Ambassadors * Event Models Registration Liquor Promos * Bartenders * Bilingual Brand Ambassadors * Golf Tournaments * Nationwide Event Staffing 


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