How to create a profile on our website 9 months ago

Many of you know that we have been revamping our website! The CEA Team wanted to make sure you understood exactly how to create your profile. Once your profile is up and running, you're eligible to apply for promotional work events.

Visit our website, and Click “Join”—located at the top of the page on the left hand side.  You will be asked to enter a valid email address and a password. After you’ve entered that information you will be able to “Create Your Profile” and then receive an email confirmation that you have created a profile. Please take your time when creating your profile as this is essentially your job application. See below for tips on how to create a complete profile. 

Sell yourself. If you speak multiple languages, tell us. If you have experience as a team lead, tell us. There are defaults under the “Appearance” area. Make sure to change it to the correct hair color, the correct height, weight, etc. We want to know everything you’re capable of! This helps separate you from the crowd. It’s impressive to clients, that you took time and effort to fully describe your capabilities.

Make sure that you include your “job duties” very clearly. Don’t just respond with one or two words. Really explain your responsibilities at that event. Show pride in how hard you worked! Be sure to mention your job title whether you were a brand ambassadors, trade show model, team lead, tour manager, etc. 

When uploading pictures, make sure they give a clean, clear image of you. Only appropriate photos, nothing blurry please. And, we love love LOVE it when you upload photos from promotions you’ve worked. IMPORTANT: We don’t want any writing on the images. Don’t include your name, a photographers name, etc. Just you;) That’s all we want to see! Professional modeling images are great however, make sure you have permission from the photographer to use them without their logo.

The “About Me” section is the place to really show your personality. Remember, this is now viewed by the public—so, using the correct punctuations/grammar is important. 

Once your profile has been completed, it will be sent to a CEA Staff member to approve. If there isn’t anything on your profile that needs further editing, you will be approved by the staff member. And, you’ll be that much closer to working a promotional event! You then have to ability to “Apply” for jobs!

Now, go and create that profile! Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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